China’s Horrifying Plot Against Japan

Seiji Fuji


Shocked anew by secret documents written by the Communist Party of China

 The other day, I received a booklet and letter from a reader of “Apple Town” magazine. The letter said, “I am thankful for your mighty efforts to use your words to wake up the Japanese people. I received the materials I am enclosing with this letter some time ago, but I re-read them today when I was organizing some old documents and they truly gave me the chills. I remembered a number of things that various prime ministers have said up until now, and once again thought deeply about the meaning of the ‘China School’ of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs…”
The enclosed booklet was published by the Kokumin Shimbun Company, and it contained an article entitled “Phase II Operational Directive for the Liberation of Japan by the Communist Party of China.” This secret document from the Communist Party of China (CPC) was obtained by the late Professor Tadashi Nishiuchi of Chuogakuin University in 1972. I think that it is an extremely important document, so I shall reproduce it here with a portion excluded.

(Beginning of excerpt)
I. Basic strategy, missions, and measures

1. Basic strategy
Our party’s basic strategy regarding the liberation of Japan is to gain control of all of the national power that Japan currently possesses and to cause it to be used in the service of our party’s worldwide war of liberation.
2. Missions of the Liberation Operations Team
The peaceful liberation of Japan shall be achieved through the following three steps.
A. Normalization of diplomatic relations with China (Phase I operational objective).
B. Formation of a democratic coalition government (Phase II operational objective).
C. Establishment of the Japanese People’s Democratic Republic ? the Emperor will be executed as the leading war criminal (Phase III operational objective).
The mission of the Phase II Operations Team for the Liberation of Japan after the creation of the Tanaka Cabinet is B. above, namely, completing the preparatory operations for the formation of the democratic coalition government.
3. Measures for achieving our missions
The mission of this Operations Team shall be achieved by having operatives individually get in contact with target persons and inducing these target persons to carry out certain speech and conduct. Namely, the operatives themselves must not be the final actors, but must instead be concealed instigators or unseen conductors. All items outlined below denote the principles of the speech and conduct to induce the target persons to carry out.
The success or failure of these operations depends entirely on whether or not secrecy can be maintained. Therefore, the disguises used when entering Japan, as well as methods of maintaining secrecy during operations, for all operatives shall be separately designated by detailed regulations.

II. Outline of conduct for main points of the operation

1. Psychological warfare for gaining control of the general public
Along with the establishment of the embassy in Japan, psychological warfare must be carried out to gain control of the general public in Japan in which all Japanese people will be made to have positive feelings and an affinity towards China. The goal of making them have positive feelings and an affinity towards China is to cause them to unconsciously abandon any wariness towards our party or country.
This will provide an ideal breeding ground for the success of the Operation for the Liberation of Japan, and also bring about twofold results: when some members of the Japanese reactionary far right say, “Be vigilant against the Chinese Communists! They are plotting to control Japan!,” their words will be laughed at and shrugged off, and the reactionary far right will become increasingly more isolated.
For this purpose, the following items shall be implemented swiftly and continuously.
A. Exhibitions, performances, and sports
Exhibitions of Chinese paintings, writings, works of art, folk crafts, and other items will be held, public performances by dance companies, folk dance troupes, folk song troupes, Chinese acrobatic troupes, and classical Chinese opera troupes will be put on, and athletic teams will be dispatched.
The first step is to stir up and further heighten the image that the Japanese general public currently has of mainland China as a country with a wonderful traditional culture, the place that is the source of Japanese culture, and a country of people who honor the written word and love peace.
It will be better to have little publicity in the initial stage regarding the proud results of China’s socialist reconstruction. In fact, it doesn’t have to be mentioned at all.
Regarding the dispatch of athletic teams, we must dispatch many teams not limited to those who can win in competitions such as ping-pong but also teams that have inferior skills in other sports. By displaying the straightforward attitude of learning from Japanese athletes, we should make a favorable impression.
B. Service in the field of education
i. Establishment of Chinese Language Centers: Centers will be established in all major cities in prefectures nationwide for the study of the Chinese language, and instructors will be dispatched free of charge.
If one person is dispatched, the instructor will be female. If multiple persons are dispatched, the instructors shall be made up of equal numbers of males and females. All of the persons dispatched will be operatives who are in their twenties. No qualifications will be imposed on students at the centers, and tuition shall be free of cost or very cheap.
ii. Proposals to dispatch Chinese instructors of the Chinese language to universities: After the Chinese Language Centers have been established and the young people of Japan have
become extremely interested in studying Chinese, proposals will be made regarding the dispatch of Chinese instructors of the Chinese language. These proposals will be made individually to private and public universities and through the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Education to national universities. If the proposals are indirectly rejected, the Japanese mass media, general public, and students will probably agree with us if we condemn these rejections as being discourteous to China’s utter good will and spirit of service. However, there is no need to seek complete victory on the first try, and it would be acceptable even if only most of the universities in Japan accepted instructors.
Afterwards, the number of schools that accept instructors will naturally increase.
iii. Establishment of a committee: We will expand the China-Japan Cultural Exchange Association and cause the establishment and operation of a “Japan-China Cultural Education and Physical Education Exchange Committee” made up of Chinese and Japanese civilians. Our embassy will provide official support. Furthermore, in the initial stage, all of the items in this Directive will consist only of pure service. We must not conduct any political operations, ideological operations, propaganda operations, or organization operations.
2. Mass media operations
In the distant past, opinions that were spontaneously generated by the general public were known as the “public opinion.” In the following eras, newspapers and magazines created the public opinion. Today, the so-called “mass media,” including newspapers and magazines, is nothing more than an indispensable tool for the construction of the public opinion. The will of the group that controls the mass media creates the public opinion.
The great Mao Zedong teaches that, to overthrow a government, one must without exception begin by creating public opinion and carrying out ideological actions. The Operations Team for the Liberation of Japan until the formation of the Tanaka Cabinet (Phase I) truly proved the rightness of these teachings. It wasn’t the Japanese mass media that repeatedly laid siege to Japan’s reactionary conservative government and drove Japan down the road to the normalization of diplomatic relations with China. What brought this about was the iron will of our party that had the mass media under our control, and our unceasing, decisive operations.
The team members from the Phase I Operation made the Japanese reactionary conservative ringleaders dig their own graves with their own hands. After the formation of the Tanaka Cabinet, the Operations Team members must inherit these brilliant achievements, further expand them, and win victory in the battle for the liberation of Japan.
A. Newspapers and magazines
i. Expanding lines of contact: Regarding newspapers, lines of contact shall be maintained and strengthened with emphasis placed on lines of contact for the three major newspapers (the Yomiuri Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun, and Mainichi Shimbun) established by the Phase I Operations Team. Lines of contact shall also be expanded through the remaining national newspapers based in Tokyo and regional newspapers.
In light of the fact that past operations with magazines, particularly weekly magazines, have been exceedingly inadequate, we must gain control of them by investing an adequate number of people and expenses. The selection of contact target persons shall focus on editors by observing the principle of “acquire one editor rather than ten reporters.”
ii. Regarding the democratic coalition government: Creating a breeding ground in which the general public will accept the establishment of a democratic coalition government, as well as creating public opinion for this purpose, are the missions of the people in charge of this operation.
We must not allow arguments against the democratic coalition government. However, regardless of methods used, we must not cause the mass media itself to advocate for the establishment of the democratic coalition government. This would be the equivalent of a suicidal act that calls up the wariness of our enemies.
The most ideal situation is one in which no information regarding the democratic coalition government is reported, and the general public is ignorant of and indifferent to this issue.
As the operations of this Operations Team progress, the Japanese reactionary far right will be unable to acquire any sort of proof. They will likely be unable to endure this, and will cry, “The left wing in Japan is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and is carrying out a plot to establish a coalition government as the first step to turning Japan to communism!”
Should we deny this? Yes, we must. However, we must deny it in a systematic, discreet, and indirect way rather than in a direct and extensive manner. The ideal method of denial is to say, “these are vicious rumors created by the far right, and there’s no value to reporting them.”
iii. Matters that we should cause others to emphasize
a. Use all capacities to further enhance the pro-Chinese sentiment of the general population, and turn them towards entirely severing relations with the Chiang Kai-shek faction.
b. Place editorials regarding the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in all newspapers, create pressure through a strong public opinion, and press the government to carry out the establishment of diplomatic relations.
c. Constantly attack and oppose the domestic and foreign policies of the government, and consistently support the anti-government activities of the various opposition parties. Particularly, we must demonstrate our unconditional approval of a joint anti-government struggle by opposition parties, and encourage them by highly estimating their results. Keeping in mind that the general public’s familiarity with and lack of distrust regarding a joint struggle by different parties is the best way to create a breeding ground for the acceptance of the establishment of a coalition government of opposition parties, we must cause the strengthening of praise given to the joint struggle.
d. Emphasizing human respect, freedom, democracy, peace, and independence
Here, “human respect” means respecting the individual and fully denying all other organizations. “Freedom” means liberation from old ethics and instinctual liberation. “Democracy” means rejecting the power of the state. “Peace” means promoting the establishment of anti-war, no war, and various ideologies. “Independence” means the rejection of cooperation with the American Empire and preventing becoming closer to the Soviet Empire.
B. Television and radio
i. In a capitalist country, television and radio are forms of “entertainment,” not mediums to transmit the government’s will to the people. We must pay particular attention to this fact and have our main point be using them as entertainment. Specifically, desirable types of entertainment include dramas and movies that loudly espouse sexual liberation as well as stimulating music and songs. Undesirable types of entertainment include “spirited” dramas, movies, and videos on the theme of sports, as well as historical dramas, movies, songs, and “Furusato no Uta Matsuri” (Local Song Festival) programs that foster love for one’s hometown or awaken a sense of ethnic unity. We must provide guidance towards broadcasting many of the former and few of the latter.
ii. There is great value to using breaking news and news reports on television. The screen does not convey the truth, but instead creates it. We must create what is seen on these screens with a clear sense of purpose.
iii. The items described under “newspapers” all apply to news commentary and educational programs. However, we must work extremely gradually and with great care.
C. Publishing (books)
i. Firstly, we will cause the release of books that encourage people to have a favorable impression of and affinity for China. We will cause the multifaceted publication of books that are easily accessible, such as collections of scenic photographs, essays, and matters that homemakers are interested in such as cooking and information about childcare facilities.
ii. Theoretical books such as those about socialism and Maoism are also desirable. However, we must take care that it is difficult for the far right to slander the results of the establishment of socialism in China, as well as the current situation.
iii. The reactionary far right, which is kept out of the mainstream mass media, will seek an outlet in book form for its anti-China words and behaviors. We must do everything in our power to crush these measures. In particular, we absolutely must not neglect reports that disclose, claiming that they convey the truth, the few strains and imperfections that cannot be avoided in the process of establishing socialism. We must make it understood that such reports are libelous rumors that will destroy the relationship between China and Japan. Along with firmly protesting against them to the Japanese government, we must resolve to eradicate them by bringing charges against publishers, editors, and authors.
iv. Regarding general entertainment publishing, following the example of Denmark’s progress, we must cause the extensive emphasis of sexual liberation in the publishing world. The overflow of pornographic images and books is especially desirable.
v. For book publishing, one method of application shall be the acquisition of “intermediate writers.” “Intermediate” means that they are not affiliated either with pure left-wing or right-wing ideologies, but instead move between the two.
“Writers” basically means all people who can even slightly influence the creation of public opinion through their writing. We will get closer to them by giving them payment for their writings or providing support for publication. By causing them to write intermediate writings that lack a clear political or ideological standpoint, we will lead them gradually towards our camp.
D. Establishing a mass media department as part of this operation, and supervising the various operations.
3. Political operations
A. The coalition government is a measure
The prime minister of Japan is elected through the election to select the prime minister at the plenary sessions of both houses. As long as we control a majority of the total Diet members in both houses, we can cause any person to become prime minister regardless of the will of the people.
Currently in July 1972, it would be easy to realize an opposition party coalition government if we gained approximately sixty lower house members and approximately ten upper house members from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) members in both houses and caused them to act in the same way as an opposition party.
However, if we follow this method, we will merely benefit from the power to speak of the Socialist Party of Japan (SPJ) and the Komeito (KP), and the largest sole majority party will still be the LDP. It is clear that these two things will hinder the creation of the “Japanese People’s Republic” through the pure left wing.
We must not forget that, in addition to the LDP, the SPJ, KP, and Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) are not proletarian political parties, but are political parties of the class of enemies that we must finally overthrow.
The mission of establishing a democratic coalition government that is given to this Operations Team is nothing more than an operation objective in Phase II of the liberation of Japan. Its realization is nothing more than a measure towards the establishment of the “Japanese People’s Democratic Republic” in Phase III.
There is no meaning in carrying out the coalition government operation if it is not based on a consistent plan that is directly connected to the establishment of a republic.
B. Individually gaining control of Diet members
We will individually gain control of Diet members as described below, and secretly bring them under the power of our operatives.
i. Other than the people that the Operations Team gained control of in Phase I, we will establish at least four lines of contact towards the remaining Diet members.
ii. In addition to the above, we will individually establish at least two lines of contact towards the secretaries, family members, or other third parties with significant influence on the various parties’ officials, intra-party faction heads, and other important persons.
iii. After establishing the aforementioned lines of contact, we will organize all of the information we have acquired through these lines and work to expand the “Diet Member Investigative Reports.” In this way, we will comprehend a full, complete picture of public and private lifestyles.
iv. Through the aforementioned steps, we will classify the Diet members of each party as “to control” and “to overthrow and eliminate.” The members classified as “to control” shall be further classified as “people that can be used only for the establishment of the coalition government” and “people that can also be used in the period of transition from the establishment of the coalition government until the creation of the republic.”
Here, “overthrow and eliminate” means to cause the power that member has within their party to be removed, cause their right to speak to be lowered, and direct them towards isolation.
v. The weaknesses of Diet members that have been elucidated by investigations shall be used for gaining control of or overthrowing them. It is acceptable to use any measure, including giving or promising them what they desire such as money, power, and fame, and if necessary using slander, alienation, threats, or exposing their secret personal affairs.
We believe that the bloodless capture of our enemy nation depends on this one thing. We must carry this through as the execution of our sacred mission, regardless of any difficulties and without avoiding even monstrous measures.
C. Travel invitations
Along with the aforementioned operation to establish lines of contact, we will invite Diet members and their secretaries to travel to China as described below.
i. Travel groups separated by party: These will be determined according to circumstances, with no fixed group number. However, in addition to carefully considering whether to make the standard for the composition of each group based on inter-party factions, ranking order, age, area, or other factors, we must carry out the operation under the leadership of the operatives by causing methods to be used that are to our advantage.
ii. Travel groups of Diet members from various party factions: We will closely consider the Diet members’ occupation, number of times being elected, electoral district, electoral foundation organizations, and alma mater to organize diverse travel groups.

iii. Within one year after establishing the embassy in Japan, we must cause each Diet member to travel to China at least once. Regarding LDP Diet members affiliated with the reactionary far right who reject our invitation to travel to China, we must carry out operations to cause them to travel to China one time. This can be accomplished by any method, including paying the costs of their individual trip, having them participate in other types of group travel other than the Diet member travel groups, etc.
iv. When necessary, we will secretly carry out the “CH Operation” towards Diet members and secretaries when they return to Japan after their travels.
D. Operations against the LDP
i. Basic policy
We will cause the LDP to be dismantled and split into many small political parties.
We will cause approximately sixty people in the lower house and approximately ten people in the upper house from the LDP to defect. We previously mentioned that we must not carry out small measures for the establishment of the coalition government. It is not desirable to cause the LDP to split into two parties of the right and left wings, because there is a strong possibility that a small number of reactionary right-wing members would use the right-wing LDP as a base for the formation of a ethnic nationalist front.
Therefore, we must move forward with the operation of splitting the LDP into many small parties. Under the surface pretext of ideological or political discrepancies, it is desirable for the split to actually be caused by the desire for power or various interests. At least, we must carry out operations so that is how the split appears to the eyes of the general public.
ii. Measures
a. Causing the intensification of conflict between factions within the LDP
The phenomenon of power struggles is constantly visible during the election for the president of the LDP. Generally, these struggles are alleviated through the general election, and somehow the party maintains its unity. We must not allow this in the future. The Phase I Operations Team is currently working on operations focusing on the continuation and intensification of the conflict between the Tanaka and Fukuda factions; the estrangement between the Tanaka, Ohira, Miki, and three factions; and inciting the dissatisfaction of the five intermediate factions. After the general election, even if there are a number of changes, the general principle of the operation of intensifying conflict between the factions shall not change.
b. The most effective method for causing the intensification of conflict between the factions is to individually give sufficient political funding to fringe groups within the party that are experiencing difficulty procuring funds for political activities. Political contributions are lawful, and no politician would decline them. The issue is simply what method to use. It goes without saying that we will carry this out in an indirect manner, in which money is passed from the operative to party A, from party A to party B, from party B to party C, from party C to party D, and from party D to the Diet member or organization.
c. Gaining control of individual Diet members, as described previously, is in itself an effective measure towards the establishment of a coalition government, but it will also be applied to the intensification of conflicts between factions.
E. Operations against the SPJ, KP, and DSP
i. Basic policy
a. We shall cause the intensification of strife between the factions of each party to make it easier for maneuvering through the operation. If factions do not exist, then we will carry out operations to cause the formation of factions.
However, there is no need to cause the party to be divided, and we will not carry out operations to divide it.
b. We will encourage the united front of opposition parties including the Japanese Communist Party (JCP).
ii. Measures: Same as for the LDP.
F. Supervision through the “Political Party Operations Team”
Operations against political parties are the center of the operation to establish a coalition government. A political party operation department will be established in this Operations Team, with a subordinate organization divided into four groups: the LDP group, SPJ group, KP group, and DSP group. Each group shall contain faction sub-teams bearing the name of each faction.
4. Far-right and far-left group operations
A. Anti-far-right group operations
As we proceed with operations for the liberation of Japan and the establishment of the Japanese People’s Republic, will counter-measures against Japanese far-right groups be necessary? If so, what sort of counter-measures should we take while proceeding with our operations?
First of all, we must be aware of our relationship with these groups. They do not belong to the intermediate level that we must make use of, but are enemies that we are totally incompatible with. So how much power do they currently have? There are approximately 180 far-right groups in Tokyo. Including sympathizers, they include approximately 400,000 people.
Nationwide, there are approximately 800 groups (including parties made up of just one person), with a total of less than one million people. This is not a problem.
What about the movement of public opinion? We quickly succeeded at grasping control of the mass media and creating public opinion that is to our advantage.
The American Empire occupying and taking full possession of a defeated Japan was truly a vicious sin. However, we must highly estimate the fact that the American Empire thoroughly destroyed the Japanese educational philosophies and systems, and brought about education that says speaking of the nation or race is directly connected to the militarism that brought about such a tragic defeat. The far right is now prevented from the path of getting close to the general public using the slogans of “the nation” and “race,” which brought such fantastic success in the past. Rather, the more they emphasize these things, the farther separated they become from the general public.
Having split into eight hundred groups, the far right has made the mass media their enemy. Even if they speak directly to the general public, their efforts are for naught. Are they hawks without wings? Is there any value in holding them up as the target for operations?
Here, we must be fully aware of the most difficult elements of the Operation for the Liberation of Japan ? in other words, of our own weaknesses.
i. Bringing the majority of Diet members under the control of the Operations Team, causing our desired person to be elected in the Diet’s election to select the prime minister, and establishing a coalition government are legal actions and are possible.

ii. The aforementioned steps can be carried out without any relation to the wishes of the Japanese general public.
iii. The mass media will provide full support behind the scenes so that the aforementioned operations proceed in a favorable way.
Considering the aforementioned three items, there is little need to fear that the far right will obstruct the establishment of a coalition government. If they caused an armed counterrevolution before the establishment of the coalition government, they would without a doubt face a general offensive from the public opinion and would be suppressed and crushed by the Japanese authorities.
The issue is a major change in popular sentiment right after the establishment of the coalition government. The general public will probably intuit that the revolutionary scheme of “the coalition government will lead to the creation of a republic” is reality, not a rumor. What will happen if their anger towards the mass media that continued deceiving them, anger towards the Diet members who carried out the election to select the prime minister while entirely ignoring their wishes, and fear that their lifestyles are going to change completely become organized and explode?
Nothing would be more dangerous at this point than the existence of a unified far right that manipulates these organizations. Their microscopic “one” could suddenly become “100” or “1,000.” The general public will probably not turn their back on the far right’s armed revolt, or will desire and choose it. The final victory will come to us in the end, but it would be to our disadvantage if we were unable to avoid a civil war even of a temporary nature.
Following the above analysis, we shall determine counter-measures ourselves.
i. In response to the far right’s counter-battle to recover the mass media, we must constantly take the initiative to crush them.
ii. We absolutely must not allow the realization of the merging or cooperative operations of far-right groups. We must cause the intensification of their emotional confrontation and intensify their conflict of interests through a variety of estrangement and defamation operations.
iii. We will cause the early stage explosion of each group. We will stir up their sense of danger, inflame their anger, and encourage them by saying that people who act are heroes. Through our lines of contact, we will lead them towards carrying out assassinations and attacks of progressives in the fields of politics, the mass media, and people who speak out, as well as bombing public organizations under our embassy, etc.
If we prepare so that no real harm is done, the bomb attacks on our public organizations will result in damages that are limited to the buildings. Afterwards, we will strongly protest to the Japanese government, causing the arrest of the criminals by the authorities and the dissolution of their backing group. We will seek compensation and cause them to be attacked at full strength in the mass media to further enhance and solidify the people’s hatred of the right wing.
iv. We will supply the necessary expenses and small amounts of American-made weapons and ammunition for the aforementioned purposes. We must take care to bring about twofold results by carrying out operations to cause the Japanese authorities to believe that these funds and weapons were given to the Japanese far right by the Chiang Kai-shek faction.
v. These operations shall be caused to be carried out through the directly controlled “P.T. Organization” under the personal direction of the Operations Team leader.
B. Counter-far-left group operations
i. Far-left student groups shall be classified and used as “groups (or individuals) who can not be given defined missions” and “people who can be given defined missions.”
ii. Along with providing funds and weapons to the former, causing them to carry out frequent small scale armed revolts, causing them to be exhausted by the Japanese authorities, and increasing social disorder all over the nation. Criminals and directly related persons will be protected at the embassy in Japan, and if necessary will be caused to escape to China via our ships.
iii. The latter shall be used to assassinate, threaten, or temporarily confine far-right members of various levels who could be a considerable obstruction to our operations. They will be protected as outlined in the preceding item.
iv. Requests from the Japanese authorities to our embassy to hand over criminals or cooperate with investigations related to the preceding two items shall be firmly denied as untrue and unnecessary. In addition, we shall use all the strength of the mass media to cause the criticism of the authorities and call them unjust in addition to placing pressure on the Japanese government by saying that we will not hesitate to cut off diplomatic relations. In this way, we shall cause the limitation of requests by the authorities.
v. We must not provide any assistance to criminals that are arrested. Regarding any intermediate contact persons who were used to contact the criminal, we must immediately cause the P.T. Organization to take the necessary and appropriate measures, and not allow the agencies to track and investigate.
vi. We shall cause this operation, along with anti-far-right operations, to be carried out through the P.T. Organization.
5. Overseas Chinese in Japan operations
A. Overseas Chinese class divisions
There are approximately 53,000 Chinese people in Japan. Regardless of their current ideologies, speech, and conduct, those who belong to the propertied class and lesser property class are basically “class enemies.” The proletarian class members are not our comrades either. However, until the creation of the Japanese People’s Republic we must not prescribe them as “class enemies,” but shall instead prescribe them as belonging to “enemies we must use” for the united front operation and make full use of them.
B. First step of the operation: preventing escape
As the normalization of diplomatic relations approaches, Overseas Chinese will inevitably feel unrest and uneasiness.
Their first cause for anxiety will be wondering if they will be sent back to China after the establishment of the Chinese Embassy in Japan, and at that point if the foreign currency they carry with them or send after disposing of their assets in Japan will be deposited in the Bank of China and frozen after they arrive back in China.
Secondly, people who carried out speech and conduct for the Chiang Kai-shek faction and who were involved in the Taiwan independence movement will feel fear and anxiety regarding their crimes.
Along with the operatives in Phase I and II, we must use all of our strength to remove the anxieties of Overseas Chinese and cause them to decide to remain in Japan. We will do this by saying things such as, “permission to reside in Japan and the protection of private property is guaranteed by the Government of Japan, and the Chinese Communist Party embassy can not interfere in such domestic matters,” and “freedom of thought, speech, and conduct is protected in the democratic country of Japan, and the fact that this is extended to foreigners is attested to by examples from the era of the Nationalist Government of China embassy.”
The first step for counter-measures regarding Overseas Chinese in Japan shall be having them remain in Japan so that we may gain control of and use them, and by no means allowing them to escape to areas such as Taiwan or Southeast Asia.
C. Step two of the operation: gaining control of young people
The second step of this operation will be gaining control of Overseas Chinese students (elementary school, junior high school, high school, and university students) and young people.
i. Along with the establishment of the embassy in Japan, the ambassador shall personally travel to schools for Overseas Chinese in various locations. As a gift from China, he will give and cause them to use, with no conditions, sufficient contributions to expand facilities. At the same time, many libraries with no political leanings will be given.
ii. Young people will be invited at no cost to games held with sports teams visiting from China, as well as various performances and exhibitions.
iii. One female Chinese instructor will be dispatched to schools for Overseas Chinese. All expenses for this will be borne by the embassy. In the initial stage, the teacher will not conduct any education regarding ideologies or politics, and will make every effort to win the confidence of all students as a devoted and enthusiastic teacher. Her mission shall include the two points of causing all students to feel patriotism through language study, and through the students naturally learning the situation of their families. We must not mistake the timing of increasing the number of teaching staff and the missions given to them.
iv. Sightseeing travel to China: After the dispatched instructors have gained control of the students, they will invite them on a sightseeing trip to China. After, they will gain full control of young people by gradually carrying out political and ideological education.
D. Acquiring citizenship
i. Immediately after the establishment of the embassy in Japan, we will begin accepting applications for Overseas Chinese to acquire Chinese citizenship, as well as the issuance of passports. However, this shall by no means be compulsory, and we must not restrict the period for accepting applications. We must create a system in which they decide by their own will and apply voluntarily. It doesn’t matter if this takes time.
If the controlled young people thoroughly believe that it’s only natural for Chinese people to acquire Chinese citizenship, then they will naturally persuade their parents.
Of course, these will be voluntary actions by young people, and the actions of the parents together with their children are also voluntary actions.
ii. We will offer to carry out secret negotiations with the Japanese government regarding the issue of the citizenship of Chinese people in Japan, and request the following items.
a. Not allowing Chinese people in Japan to naturalize.
b. Not granting permission to extend the residence period for Chinese people in Japan who do not acquire Chinese citizenship, proclaim to be stateless persons, and have reached the end of their period of residence in various locations in Japan.
c. Not recognizing passports issued by the Chiang Kai-shek faction. People who possess these passports must not be allowed to reside in Japan or enter the country for travel. Recognizing that the acceptance of two types of passports for Chinese people is the worst possible anti-Chinese action and is equivalent to a plot to create two Chinas.
E. Specifying usage of the Bank of China
i. Most of the Overseas Chinese are merchants, and their total annual business amount is approximately one trillion yen. Along with the establishment of the embassy in Japan, we will cause all Japanese trading companies that engage in business with China to open accounts at the Bank of China, which has branch offices in various parts of Japan. We must also carry out operations to cause Overseas Chinese to deposit the majority of their assets in the Bank of China.
ii. The propertied class is made up of uniquely cunning animals whose nature is to plan to preserve their assets by dispersing and concealing them. It will be impossible through direct persuasion to have them limit their bank transactions to the Bank of China.
We will carry out the following points at the stage in which we have gained control of young people, citizenship acquisition is taking place, and the decision of whether to grant Japanese citizenship to propertied Chinese people who wish to acquire it and apply to the Japanese embassy is left up to the Chinese side,making it difficult for these Chinese people to act against the will of the Chinese embassy and migrate to Japan.
a. Cause the development of the movement to deposit money in the Bank of China towards Overseas Chinese themselves, under slogans such as “let’s use a bank from our native country,” and “let’s show our loyal devotion to the Communist Party of China by using the Bank of China.” Along with using young people as the spearheads and causing them to carry out operations to publicize and persuade, we will cause them to observe the speech and conduct of their parents, and expose them if they do not carry out the desired actions.
b. We will pass deliberate rumors from person to person, saying that if deposits are not narrowed down to a central bank, the embassy might not accept applications to extend the expiration date of passports, and stir up anxiety that people who aren’t allowed to apply for an extension will become stateless and not able to reside in Japan.
c. We will suggest betrayal between Overseas Chinese peers by encouraging it as “a loyal deed to the fatherland.”
F. Political and ideological education
After causing the 53,000 Overseas Chinese to acquire citizenship and concentrate deposits in the Bank of China, we will begin political education and ideological education to make them a force for the liberation of Japan.
G. Supervision through the Overseas Chinese operation department
In this operation we will establish an Overseas Chinese operation department, and cause it to supervise all operations.

III. Items to supervise

1. Number of people to be dispatched, social position, and background of team members
The operative team members of this operation shall consist of approximately 2,000 people underneath a team leader. From 800 to 1,000 people shall be dispatched at the time of the establishment of the embassy, and this number shall be gradually increased after.
The official position of all people underneath the team leader shall be appointed as embassy staff, Xinhua News Agency employees, newspaper correspondents, Bank of China employees, state-run business representatives or dispatched staff, or teaching staff. Regardless of the official position of these members, they shall all be commanded only by the leader of this Operations Team, and shall work exclusively for the operations of the Operations Team. Other than some persons in charge and people carrying out special operations, all members shall be selected from people who have graduated from the Japan department of the 48th Communist Party School.
2. Expenses
All necessary expenses for this operation shall be disbursed by the Tokyo branch of the Bank of China. The Bank of China shall disburse all of its funds acquired from Overseas Chinese in Japan and Japanese trading companies, other than the necessary amount for the maintenance of banking services, for this operation.
All deposits from Overseas Chinese shall be seized after the creation of the Japanese People’s Democratic Republic, so there is no need to consider returning them to depositors in the future.
The leader of this Operations Team must constantly be in close contact with the Tokyo branch of the Bank of China and the secretary of the party’s local chapter, and must plan for the smooth management of funds.
3. Orders and the handling of related documents
A. These orders, and the ability to share the charts of this operation’s organization system and register of operative names, shall be limited to the team leader and vice-leader.
B. All related documents shall be in the possession of the team leader.
C. Copying or transcribing related documents is strictly prohibited.
D. The people in charge of the various departments of this Operations Team, during their training period, shall individually be told their orders regarding the matters they are to oversee by the team leader and made to remember them.
E. Members shall be given education and training by the people in charge of the department they belong to regarding only the matters that the member is to be in charge of.

(End of excerpt)

We must wake up from the brainwashing of China’s operation and work for the revival of Japan

 This document was written almost forty years ago, but what is surprising that Japan’s media and politicians have truly been manipulated from the restoration of diplomatic relations between China and Japan up until today, just as described in this Operational Directive. As a result, last year a Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) administration that resembles a “democratic coalition government” was finally born. And the DPJ’s defeat in this summer’s House of Councillors election is also, just as this Directive predicts, a type of growing opposition towards the political administration after the birth of the democratic coalition government.
 China has continued for over forty years to carry out operations based on predictions that were carefully plotted in a psychological way. Thousands of Chinese operatives exist in Japan even now, occasionally holding operation meetings at the Chinese embassy and controlling the media. The result of this was the birth of the DPJ administration. Bills that betray Japan are trying to be passed through the Diet, such as those that ask for foreigner suffrage and the recognition of spouses having different last names. If we continue on this way, Japan will probably be swallowed up by China just as the scenario describes.
 Because the steps to destroy Japan are progressing slowly, people don’t notice any problems as they go about their everyday lives. In August, Prime Minister Naoto Kan gave a statement on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty, which was a masochistic, apologetic statement of the same type as the Murayama Statement and the Kono Statement. The annexation of Korea was in response to requests from within Korea, and was carried out underneath an internationally accepted treaty. It was exceedingly close to a merger of equals, and not at all like the way Europe and the United States administered their colonies. Japan established infrastructure and educational institutions in Korea, and also invested in its development as a part of the same country, just like in Hokkaido and Okinawa. Although this is a historical reality, brainwashing during the time of the American occupation (as mentioned in the Operational Directive) convinced Japanese people of the warped idea that this was a terrible crime caused by militarism.
 As demonstrated by the dismissal of Toshio Tamogami, freedom of speech in Japan is allowed for left-wing allegations, and no other truths exist. People who make decent, honest claims have no place to express themselves. This is also likely the fruit of China’s operations. If we continue doing nothing, Japan will gradually decay just like the frog who doesn’t realize that water in the pot he is swimming in is slowly being heated to the boiling point. If this happens, it will be impossible to revive Japan even if we spent a hundred years trying to do so, and Japan will likely become one of China’s autonomous regions like Tibet and Turkestan. My hope is that many people will read this Operational Directive and wake up to the truth.