Establish the stable genuine conservative government by political realignment

Seiji Fuji


Kim Jong-il regime is on the verge of collapsing with a power struggle for dynasty

 In the essay of July issue (released at June 5th) of this magazine, I wrote under the title “The sinking was North Korean terrorism” ,the sinking was due to North Korean attack, and“South Korea should make limited attack the North with an advance notice as retaliation.” however, South Korean Government’s response is strangely calm though they doubt North Korean involvement from the beginning” and “South Korean government carefully judge whether they officially announce ‘North Korean involvement’ in spite of their increasing view that the warship
 The stage dealing with the incident was moved to the United Nations afterward. Yomiuri shimbun of July 10th reported “the UN Security Council adopted a presidential statement
 regarding the sinking of South Korean warship ‘Cheon’ on July 9th”
Though South Korean died as many as 64, the statement did not point a finger at North Korea , nor required the North Korea’s apology. This conclusion exposed the South Korean diplomacy ‘s incompetence” (North-South issue experts said.)
North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons is background of this incident.
 I presume that North Korea judged there is no possibility of being counterattacked by the South and attacked the South Korea warship. it was so rough.
 From that, it seems that North Korea is on the verge of collapsing and exploding now. It is South Korea who directly being entangled when the North collapses.
 In this sense, this case should be regarded as a “threat from North Korea,” saying we will explode if not given enough aid.
 North Korea is in the midst of power struggling between Kim Jong Un, the original successor, and Kim Jong Nam who China strongly recommends.
 Yomiuri Shimbun reports that “North Korea warned us that ‘Once a document insulting us even a little bit, was produced, we do not hesitate to fight with a readiness to die for
 protecting our national sovereignty as our army and citizens consider the document to be a serious violation against nation’s dignity’ (Motherland unification committee’s spokesman).
 They are highly likely to strengthen their verbal intimidation from here on.” This bullish attitude is, however, just for scoring points in power struggle, isn’t it?

Your Party and Komeito cannot make coalition with Democratic Party

 China is the country who suffers most when Kim Jong-il regime collapses. Though China dissatisfies with their reaction and the autocratic regime of North Korea oppressing citizens by sending them to concentration camps only for maintaining the government functions, China may seem North Korea as “shield”veiling lots of contradictions in China society.
China never allows That North Korea falls within Russia, Korea, and the U.S. .It is a big concern for China.
Therefore, they kept opposing the condemnation by name which South Korea strongly desired and eventually North Korea name was not mentioned.
 Meanwhile, Lee’s administration that could not even condemn the North by name is criticized as incompetent diplomacy in their own country.
 What if Japan is in the same situation? I guess Japanese government only takes more miserable solution than South Korea.
Japan having a danger of North Korea faced the Upper House election for deciding nation’s direction for the moment in July.
 Since we will not have any national elections within 3 years, once DPJ win a majority, they will pass a legislation
endangering our country such as local suffrage for foreign residents, dual-surname system, construction of a national memorial, and establishment of rescuing agency for violating human rights, and Japan goes into a decline. With our common sense, however, DPJ ended up with winning 44 seats far from their seats at stake.
 Even looking at the insistence of each party in this election, Only the Sunrise Party of Japan and the Spirit of Japan Party claimed the current situation of Japan , however both of them suffered a crushing defeat.
 Although Your Party taking a big leap with winning 10 seats is tough on bureaucracy such as the prohibition of
parachuting, the abolition and privatization of the
 Independent Administrative Institutions, and the presentation of civil-service reform, I could not get anything from its leader Watanabe, regarding which direction they want to lead Japan
 It is natural for DPJ to seek new coalition because they lost
the majority in the Upper House election.
 Instead, they planned to acquire the majority seats even with having the leader Watanabe as Prime Minister of new ruling party to form a coalition with Your Party as Liberal Democratic Party did in the past with Tomiichi Murayama, party leader of Socialist Party . They abandoned this plan because they cannot reach the majority even uniting with Your Party.
 Once the DPJ, which does not have any firm policies and vaguely insisting “Lifestyle or quality of life, first,” and Your Party being tough on bureaucracy form a coalition, the policies inhibiting bureaucratic domination can be practiced. However, under the influence of DPJ’s power base, Japan Trade Union Confederation and Japan Teachers Union, civil-service reform will not be performed at all, they keep a big government with dole-out policy, and eventually Japan goes down.
 Although DPJ seeks a coalition with Komeito, Komeito cannot accept the offer because they estimate the coalition drops the approval rate and goes down hard in the next Lower House election.

Strengthen the competitiveness of Japanese corporations by cutting the corporate income tax

 What do I do if I win the absolute power in Japan?
 I aim at rebuilding “the proud country, Japan,” educate people with correct history in the perspective of true modern history, change the current deviation score education focusing on recollection to debate education seeking the truth through discussion.
 Firstly, I will discard current Constitution and set our own Constitution aiming at independent and self-defensive nation.
Make the security pact with the U.S. as equal and
 mutual-beneficial one and, of course, we accept the right to collective defence naturally.
GHQ’s policy after the World War II was to break down
 “a strong country, Japan” and that is to rewrite the prewar history of Japan and divide the family of Japanese.
I believe that patriotism and love for one’s hometown begins with family love.
 Revive the large family system dismantled after the war and a system for succession to a family where eldest son inherits all the bequests and undertakes obligations to support their own parents.
 Better to let the party seeking small government into power, abolish parachuting for national and local public officers and extend their retiring age to 65, privatize every division where private sector can handle, and halve the number of the officers, congressional representatives and local assembly members.
 Also, halve their annual expenditure and compress the expense related to assembly members to a quarter of current size.
In order to strengthen international competitiveness of Japanese corporations and commit to economic recovery, review the ratio of direct and indirect tax and raise consumption tax to the international standard (approximately 15 %).
 The increased tax revenue is not used for pork-barrel spending such as the child allowance and household income support system for agriculture, but to be used for funding to lower the corporate tax rate to maximum 30 percent.
 Also, make the individual’s income tax rate simple as tax-free for people annually earned three million yen; 10 % for more than three million yen to ten million yen; 20 % for more than ten million yen to thirty million yen; and 30 % for more than three million yen.
 At the same time, abolish the inheritance tax and gift tax charged when parents give out their saved money to their family despite that the parent already paid income taxes.
 For housing, whereas lands regarded as assets are not taxable for consumption tax, buildings considered both assets and consumption commodity are exposed to fixed asset tax, real estate acquisition tax and even consumption tax now. I would like to abandon the consumption tax for housing and allow individuals to amortize their buildings as corporate body does.
Japan’s investment in infrastructure is still insufficient and its logistic cost is relatively expensive in comparison with other countries.
 To reduce the cost, the government should accelerate infrastructure construction with making most of the Act on Special Measures concerning Public Use of Deep
 Underground approved in the Mori Cabinet. And also
 Government may earn the necessary funds if issues 100-year government bond under current super low-interest rate.
 For instance, move the Yamanote Line and the Metropolitan Expressway to the underground, which resolve closed railroad crossing issue, and change the vacant land space to green zone where brooks flow.
 Set several development facilitation areas inside of the Yamanote Line, require any buildings in this area having 50 % of building coverage, make floor-area ratio of building site more than 500 square meters facing a street more than 10 meter width to 1000 % and more than 20 % of its volume to residential houses, and prohibit any building lower than 10 />
 Redesigning Tokyo to a green city full of skyscrapers, it becomes metropolis attracting people from all over the world.
On the other hand, one should encourage people moving to local areas through tax benefit such as significantly reducing property tax when people buy a house there.
 I believe such a new urban design is required.
 It is also important to speed up the transit system. Produce a high-speed linear bullet train linking Japanese arterial railroad in more than 500 kph, build new almost straight express ways with permeable pavement allowing a maximum speed of 160 kph on a clear day and 110 kph in raining, and make current express ways connect to local streets and free.
Make the basic logistics air transport and maritime transport, streamline strategic hub container ports for lowering costs and make those ports as bases of maritime trade in East Asia. For air transportation, make Kansai International Airport as a hub for cargoes.
 Unify the Narita Airport and Haneda Airport and make it as a hub airport for travelers linking both airports and Tokyo Station 5 and 10 minutes in a triangular shape with linear railway.
 All the air cargoes in Japan are collected to Kansai Airport once and distributed throughout the nation.
 Visitors to East Asia necessarily arrive at Haneda & Narita
 Airports once. Then, they make a connection here with flight to China, South Korea, and Taiwan.
 For attracting airlines to Haneda & Narita Airports, make takeoff and landing fees of both airports free, establish special economic zone lifting the ban on casinos next to the airports, build casino hotels and huge malls selling duty-free items and high-tech goods, and cover the operation cost of those airports by income from the hotels and malls.
 For regional airports regarded as a symbol of waste, liven up with flights from Kansai Airport as a cargo hub, ease regulations, let small plane use the local airport conveniently.
 Enable general people to use small plane easily by making it easier to earn a pilot’s license for small plane and
airworthiness inspection, vehicle inspection for airplanes less expensive.
 In the U.S., people can buy used small plane with twenty to thirty thousand dollars (approximately 1.8 to 2.7 million yen) and enjoy the unrestricted flight life by constructing airports with several plane enthusiasts living close to the airports.
 In order to utilize the local airport, deregulation on small plane will be done by all means.
 For R & D investment, let them one-time depreciation on the first year and officially back up high technology developments such as advanced medical techniques, nano technologies, bio technologies, and IT in full measure.
 Have wealthy classes from all over the world come to Japan in order to undergo a complete medical checkup and latest medical treatment with enhancing manufacturing
technologies of each medicine based on advanced medical techniques and genetic screening and developing general hospital open to the world.
Policies promoting advanced scientific and technological powerhouse are quite important.

Revive Japan as a nation which young people studying history are proud of

 Considering security, the most powerful deterrent is nuclear weapons. Under NPT, it is hard for Japan to develop nuclear weapons independently.
At the moment, nuclear sharing, renting the weapons from the U.S. in emergencies, is the only way for Japan to introduce as 5 NATO member countries already do.
The more wars become high-tech and unmanned, the more Japanese game technology will work well on military operations.
In fact, it was reported that the U.S. Air Force planned to buy 2,200 PS3s, Sony’s gaming hardware, and construct computer cluster equivalent of supercomputers.
Furthermore, develop conventional and high-performance weapons such as MOAB, so called “mother of all the bombs” with destructive power equal to small atomic bomb and Massive Ordnance Penetrator, “Bunker Buster,” by utilizing Japan’s technological capability and equip offensive weapons as deterrence.
Current SDF adopts many American weapons which cannot be maintained in Japan because their core technology is a black box which does not function at all after certain period of time.
The navigation system and software for weapons are mostly dependent on the U.S. and that’s why they are useless in a war America does not want to support.
SDF only fulfill functions for the American colonial army. In order to avoid being involved in a war, SDF has to establish totally independent troops who can decide starting and avoiding a war at our own will and do not rely on the U.S. and the United Nations.
It is crucial for the troops to possess enough power to attack suitable for Japan’s size to deter other countries from threatening us.
In the current situation in East Asia where China keeps expanding and North Korea trifles other countries, Japan should make a significant contribution as a keystone of peace.
Centering on Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India form a coalition and network to hinder China from expanding.
If Japan builds an equal and mutual benefit relations with the U.S. based on this network, it may be possible to realize stable East Asia having low possibility of wars.
Basically, each party should argue about such points including national defense in an election. However, the Prime Minister Kan suddenly brought up a discussion raising consumption tax to protect Ozawa and avoid a criticism of pork-barrel policies.
 That produced a contrary result losing a majority in the Upper House election.
 After the election, Ozawa is highly likely to be indicted by compulsion and urged to leave DPJ due to the 2nd decision of Committees for the Inquest of Prosecution as he is suitable for prosecution.
 Besides, the responsibility problem of Prime Minister Kan and Secretary-general Edano has flared up again in their party leadership election in September and eventually DPJ can be dismembered through a fierce clash within the party.
 Then, Liberal Democratic Party and some members of DPJ having the same opinion may form a large coalition assembling with genuine conservative policies and may aim at reviving a proud country, Japan, with acquiring the administration.
 The generation of Zenkyoutou (All-Campus Joint Struggle Council) in which most people have wrong historical perception are about 60s. They retire from the world in five years.
 If the young (who study the winning works of my hosting essay contest “the True Perspective of Modern History” )increase, a genuine conservative party aiming at reviving “a proud country, Japan” may establish a stable government. Then, Japan would beome the leader in Asia and the world as Einstein predicted whithin 5 to 10 years. I hope from the bottom of my heart this becomes reality.