Strong Hope for Authentic Conservatives to make a great advance

Seiji Fuji


Kan cabinet intends to win the Upper House election with posting anti-Ozawa group

 Deception of the Democratic Party of Japan(DPJ) regime has been revealed.
Their “Manifesto,” campaign pledges, was simply a pork-barrel policy.
For instance, Nagatsuma, the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, stated it is impossible to give 26,000 yen per month as child allowance, the fare for superhighway was increased instead of changing into free service, dark clouds began to loom over the individual-household income compensation system for farmers growing staple crops- which costing about a trillion yen, and the relocation issue of Futenma base came to a conclusion with the original agreement reached by Liberal Democratic Party, not even close to their primary intention “out of Okinawa, at least.”
They are now paying the price for the last year big win of Lower House election and achievement of political power shift, because they have presented various dreams to the public without any prospects of revenue source and the trump cards for negotiation. That’s why the Hatoyama regime collapsed. However, the sheets won in the election will be reserved for more than three years.
The prime minister Hatoyama irresponsibly made a statement “(the base will be moved to) out of country, or, at least, out of Okinawa” for the relocation of Futenma base to the shore of Camp Schwab in Henoko which was already decided at the Security Consultative Committee at the time of LDP administration.
He was cornered by the deadline of the end of May set by himself after repeatedly insisting on having a good idea which everyone will be agreeable, then, he ran into a situation where his approval rate fell below 20 percent and had no choice but resign as I predicted in last May issue.
Resigning with Ozawa right after passing the tenure of Hosokawa regime was exactly what I predicted.
Two days after his resignation, Naoto Kan, who signed his name on a petition for release of Shin Gwang-su, the perpetrator of the abduction of Japanese citizens, was elected to be the head of DPJ and became the new Prime Minister.
Though only changed the front cover, the media ‘s reaction was quite friendly one.
Their weapon was “pork-barrel Manifesto” in the Lower House election last year, the one for this Upper House election is “anti-Ozawa.” They try to win more than half the seats being contested by just posting legislators identified as anti-Ozawa at cabinet members and at important posts in their party to acquire popularity without thinking who is the right person for the right job.
They can hold the seats for four years at most in the Lower House, and six years in the Upper House once they won the election even with the pork-barrel policies and anti-Ozawa disposition just for election tactics. Their Manifesto is raised only for earning votes from various fields regardless of its practicability.
To begin with, DPJ is not a party having consistent policy but a mutual support group for the election, and does not have the unified ideology nor the policies. However, they adopt quite many unpatriotic policies such as local suffrage for foreigners, dual-surname system, the construction of national memorial, revision of choosing nationality system, and establishment of aid agency for violation of human rights.
How could we allow such a terrible administration governs our country? It is clear that former secretary general Ozawa puts pressure on Prime Minister to assign pro-Ozawa legislators to the Cabinet after reshuffling, and pull the strings behind the scene at the time DPJ’s election for the party leadership in this September.
Although he behaves as if he was fallen, Ozawa group consisted of 130 members, is still the biggest faction in DPJ and has strong influence on politics. Most of the candidates for the Upper House election were recruited by Okzawa himself, thus the election will enlarge the Ozawa faction regardless of the result of the election, and Ozawa will control the Kan cabinet.

YBoth policies of LDP and DPJ seek for short-term popularity for the election

 Prime Minister Kan announced that he targets 50 seats, below the current 54 seats, to avoid being asked his responsibility for results of the election. Though one normally sets the goal as 60 seats required for working majority, the goal is quite low.
Also, Tanigaki, the director-general of LDP, set a wimpy goal of 40 plus seats though the 121 seats to be contested, the opposition party should aim to prevent DPJ’s majority seats and this brought objection from his own party.
Then, he was forced to pull up the goal to drive ruling party lose their majority seats.
Looking at this behavior, we feel that he does not really desire to seize the power positively. I assume that he just satisfies with his position as top opposition party leader not ruling party leader. Intrinsically, they should show their own national strategy to the public and wait for the people’s verdict, however both put forward some policies which easy to acquire popularity and ask citizens to vote for policies. We should cut off now such a trend.
On the other hand, the citizens reaction seems worrisome. Taken by DPJ’s tactics, citizens let the pork-barrel DPJ win the Lower House
election last year.
This time, they let the cabinet approval rate exceed 60 percent, when Prime Minister Kan posted anti-Ozawa group at his cabinet members, previously the rate was under 20 percent.
This is exactly the same tactics as former Prime Minister Koizumi took. Koizumi dissolved the Lower House arguing the postal privatization bill and predominantly won the general election in 2005 contrary to the media’s expectation, with adopting a slogan, “Destroy the LDP,” regarding the opposing group within his party as “enemy”.
As Koizumi did, Kan tries to set up Ozawa group as “enemy” to make his approval rate up, and this tactics seems successful so far. It is, however, impossible for DPJ to eliminate Ozawa’s influence as far as his arrest is not executed.
The postal privatization which was strongly supported by the public opinion,was overturned by the People’s New Party of only 9 legislators. If DPJ passes the new postal bill after the Upper House Election, then DPJ administration is clearly defying the public will and increase the labor cost every year enormously, and run counter to deregulation.

South Korea may possibly be absorbed into North Korea

 A heading “The U.S. reduce the military expenditure for one trillion dollars,” was showed on the front page of the morning edition of Nihon Keizai Shimbun. It was said that Obama regime cut back military expenditure for one trillion dollars (about 90 trillion yen) within 5 years.
America’s influence has decreased recently while China aggressively comes to the forefront. South Korean patrol ship sinking incident occurred in such East Asian situation. Both South Korea and the U.S. could not take a strong attitude toward North Korea as China exists behind North Korea.
How pitiful! The morning edition of Sankei Shimbun on June 12th posted an article as follows. It says, “the sinking incident was somewhat incomprehensive as ‘Why North Korea?’ Then, it is interesting when we adopt a theory ‘who profited most?’ In conclusion, ‘the most benefited one is North Korea’ and ‘the criminal act of North Korea’ is quite persuasive.
The result of Korea nationwide local government election was favorable for North Korea and which made us think in that way. The election was over with a great victory of opposing party against the odds and the ruling party’s defeat betrayed the expectations of internal and external. The ruling party barely maintained the Seoul mayor’s post
Although the criticism against North Korea mounted due to the sinking incident and which was advantageous to conservative ruling party who emphasizes the importance of national security, “the result of election was just the opposite.”
“From the beginning, North Korea launched the political advertising campaign to regard the case as ‘ just a fake story by South Korea to heat up the propaganda to favor the ruling party in plotting the election.
As the current administration and ruling party emphasized too much the ‘threat of North Korea’ and fiercely denounced them, the public started to think ‘it’s not a good idea to raise tension between South and North Korea’ and inclined to support the opposing party who insists ‘peace rather than war.’
The North Korean threatening campaign was also effective saying, ‘It’s going to be a war’ and ’We are ready for a war! .
“War or peace”, if Korean being asked who enjoyed quality of life for a long time with long loose tension, then ”naturally they incline to peace”. The victory of Korean opposing party claiming ‘aid and cooperation rather than confrontation’ toward North Korea was something North Korea heavily desired.”
Intrinsically, South Korea needed to retaliate against North Korea but they could not. That’s the current situation of South Korea. It looks like “ the enemy of South Korea is South Korean”. With this mentality, they will be gradually absorbed by North Korea.
Japan, neighboring country of Korea, we have to think seriously as the same case may happen to Japan also. We expect such a political party to advance largely, who is strong enough to aim to the Independent self-defense and who understand well the power balance in the regional area. If we fail to see such a political party in Japan, then Japan’s future may be put into jeopardy, we are very afraid.

The Rise of “Cyber-consensus” is the Hope of Japan’s future

 It is the weakness of democracy that citizens are easily deceived by such a clever conspiracy war and be gradually brainwashed. On the other hand, it is the strength of dictatorship that they can execute bold operations once decided, like this time’s North Korean case.
Like North Korea, and China, the autocratic state has an strong advantage to determine everything so instantly and respond to any situations so promptly.
Making the most of it, it is inevitable that China extend its power over the East Asia where the U.S. losing its influence little by little. Although it is only a joke today, we may face the day when a line to be drawn between Hawai and Japan to divide the power of China and power of U.S., Japan may become one of autonomous districts of China.
I could not help but feeling increasing fear of being governed by China when I see the then Secretary-General of ruling party Ozawa visited China with more than 600 people including 143 Diet members like a tributary diplomacy and who was so delighted to take pictures with the President Hu Jintao.
When the cabinet pretended to be anti-Ozawa, the cabinet support ratio became tripled immediately. Seeing such an instant influence, I am very afraid Japanese citizens do not have their own clear-cut opinion and it all up to the wind blowing now, and the election may be depended on such a wind. I must say I feel quite uneasy about today’s Japan’s Democracy.
Originally, the democracy did not expect media nor internet to make such a large progress.
Under the participatory democracy , it is natural and necessary for the people to discuss among themselves when they decide something, this is the real true democracy, however the actual citizen’s opinion is largely controlled and be changed by the media as media wishes. DPJ administration seems almost made by Japan media.
It seems that Japan media reports the disadvantageous news of DPJ in small scale and in very straightforward manner, however reports repeatedly the advantageous news to the contrary in big scale
Pursued by media about tiny office expense issue again and again, Toshikatsu Matsuoka, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Abe administration, was cornered into suicide.
Though one of the member of Kan’s cabinet was told that his office expenses found out to be ambiguous, however, the media did not take up so often and which did not become a major topic.
Chiyomi Kobayashi, DPJ’s legislator, who received illicit donations from Hokkaido Teachers’ Union, was not allowed to resign though former Prime Minister Hatoyama recommended so, in the anxiety that it may cause Ozawa’s resignation from the Diet, and the media did not chased this fact at all.
Japan’s media report lacks fairness, like this.
One hope to the future is the cyber-consensus having been formed against media-consensus. While people around 60’s called Zenkyotou generation controls current media, while 20’s and 30’s are main player at internet and leading cyber-consensus.
In the internet, people are free from existing education and media reports, and eager for seeking true history. Passing 65 years since the WWII, now is the time for us to realize the true history and aim to rebuild Japan, “Proud nation,” and main players for such a movement may be young generation.
I wrote down a new book for such young generation, “the theory of the State, No One can Indicate”. I tried to tell various historical truth in this book.
For example, the Huanggutun Incident in 1928, allegedly Kwantung Army conducted and people regard it as the beginning of Japan’s invasion to the continent. However, this incident was actually planed and caused by Russian special agents with making it seem like Japanese army did it.
Also, atomic bombing to Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the U.S. was not to decrease the possible victims by ending the war earlier and escaping battles on Japan mainland but to restrain the Soviet Union in the Cold War which is just about to start in order to get supremacy in the post WWII.
America already determined to drop the atomic bombs when completed as of May of 1943. In order to gain the time for the completion, America ambiguously answered about maintenance of the emperor system which is a condition of surrender of Japan.
America without any strategic necessity, piled up immense number of victims of American soldiers (dead and wounded ) approximately 29,000 in Iwo Jima (between February and March, 1945) and 85,000 in Okinawa (between March and June, 1945) including missing soldiers. Iwo Jima, where Japanese army entrenched without any air supremacy nor naval supremacy and made fight with their back to the wall.
America arranged intentionally the forecast that if the main battle started at mainland of Japan, then the total victim of American soldiers may easily well exceed more than One million.
In other cities of Japan, number of Japanese victim by America bombing were between few people and some thousands maximum, even the place where repeatedly attacked, the victim number exceeded more than 10,000, were only Osaka prefecture(over 15,000) and Aichi Prefecture (13,000).
In case of Great Tokyo Air Raids, America dispatched B29 bombers as many as 334 times within one day of March 10, 1945 to get equal number of victims with Atomic bombing,.
They firstly dropped 300,000 firebombs in total around surroundings area of Tokyo, blocking the people to escape from there, and then carpet-bombed inside the circle intensively. The total victims of Japan went up to as many as 100,000.
The air raids in Tokyo was executed only for justifying the use of atomic bomb by insisting there could be more than 100,000 victims even with normal weapons such as firebombs. With this justification, they dropped the atomic bombs and massacred more than 100,000 people in Hiroshima, and more than 75,000 people in Nagasaki.
At Tokyo Tribunal of War Criminals, America created and insisted the story that America
Had to drop the atomic bombs as Japan was bad country and they had to make it good country and did mind control toward Japanese. It is the world’s commonsense to “kill people for benefits of one’s own country and even make war.” I wrote such a thing in the book, “The Theory of the State, No One can Indicate.”

Political Realignment is “must” after the Upper House Election for Japan’s Future

 The best prize of the first essay contest for “True Perspective of Modern History,” which I founded two years ago, was given to Toshio Tamogami, the then active Chief of Staff in the Air Self Defense Force, and that of second contest was given to Tsuneyasu Takeda, great-great-grandson of Meiji emperor. Looking at the Tamogami’s popularity these days, I feel the true history which I sincerely desire, is prevailing in the depth. Now, I hope genuine conservative party rise up and achieve certain result in the Upper House election in July. Opportunely, ex-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed that he will mobilize the genuine conservatives. According to Yomiuri Shimbun on June 11th, “The ex-Prime Minister Abe, the president of ‘Sousei Nihon (Creation of Japan),’ a study group by conservative Diet members across party lines, Takeo Hiranuma, the leader of the Sunrise Party of Japan, and Hiroshi Yamada, the head of the Spirit of Japan Party, had press conference in Tokyo on June 10th and announced the establishment of a new group ‘Saving Japan Network (Saving Net).’ Cooperating each other from the ‘anti-DPJ’ perspective, they aim to prevent DPJ from acquiring the majority seats in the Upper House election. In the agreement of establishment, they criticized the local suffrage of foreigners which allows foreigners get permanent residence status, and criticized the introduction of dual-surname system, as they worry that these policies will dissolve the country and will collapse the family system. DPJ is promoting these policies actively to the contrary, and they pledged to newly establish conservative government”, I do hope these forces will block the single Democratic administration, and drives a wedge into political parties such as DPJ and LDP who are only eager to maintain their regime and their seats, and they do not pay attention to the strategies and policies which are quite necessary for Japan. I sincerely desire that the new administration which to be established by political realignment after this Upper House election, presents a national strategy with long-term vision and revive Japan solving the current mess and to make the country which we can be proud of.