Wine Tasting and Discussion About Japan Vol.149

A Wine Tasting and Discussion About Japan meeting was held on October 14, 2015 as always at the representative’s home. The guests included House of Councilors Member Mr. Takumi Ihara, who served as the mayor of Shikokuchuo City for nine years before turning to national politics; freelance journalist Mr. Osamu Miyata, who holds significant clout […]

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Big Talk

Japan Can be an Affluent Nation Even With a Falling Population

Shuhei Shiozawa, a professor in Keio University’s Faculty of Economics, has won prizes in three “True Interpretations of Modern History” essay contests: the Honorable Mention and Prize for Excellence (Adult Division). He has also given talks as a lecturer and special student at the Shoheijuku school. In addition to his field of theoretical economics, he […]

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